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About Me

My name is Susan Sharpe, I am the owner and broker for Alpha Omega Homes, LLC. I thought that I would take this time to introduce myself to you and to tell you the philosophy of my business.

Shortly after I began my real estate career back in 1984, I became pregnant with my first child, a girl. I decided to take time off to raise my new little girl as a stay at home mom. Two years later, I was blessed with another baby girl. I knew that I made the right decision and I still have no regrets. Once my daughters started their college educations, I decided to get started in real estate again.

I have worked for three large companies in my career. The first was in 1984, my entry into the real estate market. In 2001, an opportunity came to get back into the real estate market. I worked for the second company for about two years as an assistant to a very successful, seasoned agent, who became my mentor. I retook all of the required New York State real estate courses, passed the Agent's Exam, and became a New York State board certified real estate agent once again. My mentor and I then moved to company three, where I worked for about three years.

I learned a lot during those years and I will never forget those who poured their knowledge and help into my life. Today, I still have friendships with many of the people who helped me along the way.

As I gained experience and really learned the business; I found that I was unable to give my clients, who were selling their homes, a listing percentage that I felt was fair and reasonable. I was stuck charging a rate that was dictated to me by the companies I worked for. I knew that I could fulfill the needs of my home-selling clients for less money. Saving a home-seller money through a low listing percentage rate, without sacrificing quality service, is something I strive to achieve in every sale.

After prayerful consideration, I decided to venture out on my own. I made this decision while holding firm two convictions: First and foremost my conviction is to always allow my Christian character to shine through by demonstrating honesty and integrity in all that I say and do. My second conviction is to provide excellent, professional, competent, friendly service to all of my clients whether they are buying or selling a home. I am always mindful of the fact that my clients are the very reason I am in business.

Though I need to be paid wages for my services, and to have success in my business, I have purposed in my heart to do this at a fair cost to my home-selling clients. My goal is to make the home-selling process as easy as possible, as quick as possible, and without the usual heavy financial burdens that can be associated with listing costs.

To those who are buying a home: a first home, an upgrade to a larger family home, a vacation home, an investment home to flip, or a downsize to your dream retirement home, I always have your best interests in mind. Helping you to find the perfect home for you is a passion of mine, especially with first time home buyers and all of their many questions and concerns. I like to make finding and purchasing a home as easy and as enjoyable as it can be!! I really find great pleasure in helping people achieve the goal of homeownership!

Enough about me. Let's get back to the real reason why you are here... getting you a new home.

Thank you for considering Alpha Omega Homes.

Sue Sharpe